Dolphintek: Company Profile

Dolphintek is a global IT solutions company providing innovative, best-in-class consulting, ICT solutions and Outsourcing services. Commitment to quality, professional approach and focus on providing exceptional value to our customers are the things that make us special.

Dolphintek has been started by VISETH HUL in year 2014 with a vision of providing quality ICT solutions. Since then we have worked on numbers of projects both small and large, which gives us a chance to learn and provide solutions that are not just outstanding but gives enhanced value to our customers from their IT investments.

Dolphintek smart technology

We’re here to help our customers achieve their business objectives by providing innovative, best-in-class consulting, ICT solutions and services.

We provide affordable & innovative solutions for achieving superior business results that not only helps our clients solve given challenges, but also enable them to cut costs, streamline business operations, respond quickly to market opportunities and enhance customer service.

Contact us if you’re looking for:

  • Custom Software for managing your mission critical information, Hire us for a quick free consultation of the same and learn how we can help you.
  • Strategic IT Consulting, to create strategies that transform business enterprises by aligning IT strategy and priorities to meet business objectives.
  • Website Development / Maintenance, Call us now to learn how we can help you.
  • Implement OpenSource Solution, for cost effective, license free, agile & feature rich Open Source software.
  • Internet Marketing, for preparing internet marketing strategies and implementing them for best results. Including internet marketing campaign using SMS/Email Marketing, SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, etc.


We have the technology to serve businesses across all verticals into many  domain; the majority of our solutions are on demand and can be delivered at highly competitive rates and delivered at lightening speed.

Our development team expertise includes customer preferred technologies like  PHP, Open Source applications like WordPress, Joomla, Durpal, Open Cart, Prestashop, Zen Cart, Paypal integration and google supported web applications like Google Analytic, Google Base, check out using Google Checkout, etc.

We specialize in software development, web design & development, search engine optimization and web marketing, eCommerce, multimedia solutions, content writing, etc. We build web solutions, which evolve with the changing needs of your business.

We have a highly capable team of business analyst, web consultants, creative designers, content writers, programmers, software architects, engineers and web marketing professionals who know how to deliver results. Strong team & professional approach helps us provide our global customers the right outsourcing services they’re looking for.

Dolphintek is driven by values and is run by principled business practices.

Our Vision

To help customers achieve their business objectives by providing innovative, best-in-class consulting, IT solutions and services


  • Provide solid IT solutions that helps solves given business challenges
  • Focus on quality and enhancing customer value
  • Offer affordable, professional, cost-effective, reliable and timely software and web development outsourcing services

Core Values

All our actions are being driven by our strong core values: 

•  Client Value Creation

Creating and delivering value is the core of our work. We help our clients to derive enhanced value from their IT investment. Be it consulting, IT solutions,  services or outsourcing, our focus is always creating value.

•  Integrity & Transparency

Following highest ethical standards and being honest by inspiring trust among internal as well as external stake holders. Saying what we mean, and doing what we say, matching our behavior to our words and taking responsibility of our actions that makes us transparent.

•  Respect for Individual

Valuing diversity and unique characteristics. By fostering a trusting and open environment that helps individual to make his/her choices by being innovative and accountable of his/her actions, as well as allows for individual growth alongside organizational growth.

•  Excellence

Seeking  excellence in whatever we do. Doing things better in less time which deliver results. It comes from the collective self-confidence of our team with tremendous faith in one’s ability to do more and in a better way. With our people, systems, processes that shapes this pillar of excellence to deliver outstanding results.

•  Leadership

Leading for change, good change. By fostering a divisional vision that is in-line with organizational vision, we help our assets – our people to take leadership in whatever we do.

•  Learning & Sharing

Learning new is the mantra at DOLPHINTEK. And doing new is the habit of DOLPHINTEK. By promoting a culture of learning and sharing knowledge we grow each day in our skills, expertise and knowledge.

Our Work Methodology

We strive to deliver results that create values to our customers in whatever we do. Be it consulting, IT solutions or services, our focus is always creating value.

Our Core Values like client value creation, integrity and transparency, respect for individual, excellence, leadership, learning and sharing helps us to focus on our mission of meeting our vision.

We work within a flat organization, where we have team leaders and members who work together to achieve team objectives that are in line with organizational objectives. Each team leader is responsible for his performance as well as team performance. Each team leaders and members are further monitored and mentored by our top management team so that they remain focused and motivated to provide their best. We undertake in-house as well as industry training programs to improve our level of knowledge, skills and expertise.

We follow industry proven project management techniques that helps us meet our project objectives and deadlines for each project we do.

Basic Process we follow

  • Website Development Process
  • Custom Software Development Process
  • Client Support Practices

Our Clients

We have been providing excellent services in the technology domain, including consulting, software development, web development, domain & hosting solutions, online marketing, etc. We have served customers from different industry verticals and geographies. While its not possible to list all of them here on our website, we have complied a small list of few of our customers for your glance.

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Look at some of our work, Our Portfolio

In the recent few years, we have been working on number of outstanding projects, on various technology platform for varied industrial requirements. We take proud in presenting few of those projects here at our portfolio. 

Why Dolphintek?

  • Customer orientation
  • Focus on Results
  • Service Orientation
  • Commitment to quality
  • Skilled professional team
  • Top technical support
  • Team approach
  • Proven work methodology

Our Differentiators 

Cambodia’s FIRST open source integration and Internet Marketing Company

We are among the first of companies in Cambodia that started using open source as a business model and technology since 2014. Since then we have gained abundant experience using open source. We have a wealth of experience around implementing open source the right way that very few companies have. We also have developed scalable solution platforms powered by open source and our integration approach.

Turning Open Source from Technology to Solutions

We thinks solutions. Working in open source does not mean that we take an open source technology and see the business problem constrained by the technology we adopt. We first understand your entire need. We also try to adopt a clear approach towards what the ultimate impact of a particular solution approach can be on your business. We demonstrate this approach and only then we create the right solution platform using open source for you.

Zero Licensing costs

We base our business solutions on Professional Open Source software that has zero licensing costs. The model is inherently based on support and the subscription based costed. We are paid annually based on a contract and we look after the solution for you.

Move from licensing model to Support Model

Dolphintek Professional open source solutions do not include any recurring licensing fees. Licensing fees are replaced by Dolphintek support model with annual subscription. 

Faster turnaround time

Business solutions are offered by building on top of the core functionality already offered by Professional open source solutions. This helps turnaround a business solution much faster than a custom software development project.

No Vendor Lock-in

We extend the ability of open source to have no vendor lock in. We use Professional open source code. This source code is handed over to customer in true spirit of Open Source software thereby reducing traditional dependency on same vendor who has supplied the solution.

Continuously improving software

Professional Open Source solution are continuously updated with enhancements and patches and not driven by a single company’s business priorities. This makes the business solution benefit from the other developments carried out by the community.

Total cost of ownership

Our professional open source business solutions support Linux versions as the operating system platform. This helps implement a completely free software stack with zero licensing costs thus decreasing the total cost of ownership drastically.